About Us

QDOS Insurance Services was established in 2005 and started selling insurance policies on the internet in 2011. Prior to this you could only find our products for sale through certain insurance brokers.

At the end of 2010 we made the decision to offer our products directly to the customer over the web and the development of our systems began. Over the years we have built up good relationships with insurance companies, so we are able to obtain competitively priced, high quality products, as well as innovative policies for our customers.

We wanted to create a company that was a little different to everyone else in the market place. We wanted to be a company you could trust and that you would be happy to recommend to your family and friends, and come back to time and time again; so we decided QDOS would be a place, "where you really do matter".

The, "you", is everyone we deal with; our customers, our business partners, the insurers who underwrite our policies, and our colleagues. If we work well with our insurers and business partners we can develop better products for our customers. If we invest in our colleagues, developing their knowledge and improving their job design, our customers will receive a better service. And if we can offer our customers improved products and services, we will hopefully exceed their expectations.

Our technological capabilities, and specialist programming and development expertise, helps us develop efficient systems that deliver cost reductions and cheaper insurance for our customers.


We build lifetime relationships with our customers, colleagues & business partners by exceeding expectations, fulfilling need & fostering trust
This is the QDOS Vision
We will become a respected household name by putting the customer at the heart of all our business decisions
This is the QDOS Mission

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Customer Feedback

We really like to hear from our customers, especially if we've done something you're not happy about. Many of the improvements we make to our websites or products come from customer feedback. And, unless we know that you're unhappy with our service, we cannot do anything to improve it.

Business Associates

We have developed integrated management information systems, to allow our business partners and us to better understand demand for products and the risk associated with underwriting certain perils. This means we can develop better, cost effective products, which customers want.

Our Products

We explained that our policies must offer a high level of cover, deliver excellent customer service, and represent value for money. These are the criteria we use when selecting our products, so that we can be sure that they compare favourably with the best polices in the market place and often offer that little bit more.

Our People

When you contact us, the people you speak with are always friendly, polite, knowledgeable and eager to help. That is because everyone is involved in developing our products and systems. We endeavor to help our colleagues exploit their natural abilities and develop new capabilities, whilst creating roles that are satisfying and empowered.

Our Privacy Promise

No one likes being called by people they don't know trying to sell them something they don't want, so we never sell your information to 3rd parties. This is why if you make a purchase from us we don't ask you to opt in for 3rd party marketing; you don't need to, because we don't do it.

We provide quotes on all our products without the need for you to supply any personal information. You will only be asked for these details when you decide to purchase the policy.

We Talk Your Language

We know that our customers dislike reading pages and pages of text to get a basic understanding of a product or concept. We also know that our customers are not keen on industry abbreviations and terms which are usually used to mask or confuse a policy exclusion or clause.

As a result, we try to use plain English to explain our products and we highlight any exclusions that are applicable as clearly as possible. Our "Key facts" documents for our policies, show at a glance what is and what isn't covered.

No Hidden or Excessive Fees

All insurance intermediaries charge for making adjustments to your policy and because there is a cost in doing that, we do too. However, we only charge £7.50 to administer a policy adjustment whereas our competitors charge between £15 and £25.

Terms of Business for Customers

Our Terms Of Business explains everything you need to know about our relationship with you, from how to cancel your policy to more details on how we protect your privacy, and how to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service and information on the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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