Our Products

We currently offer four products; two different Breakdown Cover policies, Gadget Insurance, and a Vehicle Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) policy. All our policies are sourced on the basis that they offer the following benefits:


High Level of Cover

When you buy insurance you are protecting yourself from risks. For example, what if your car breaks down or your laptop is stolen, what will you do and how will you cope? Our policies endeavor to guard you against those risks with meaningful cover.

Good Value for Money

Our products rival or exceed leading brand names on both the quality of cover and level of service. We are confident that for the level of protection we provide, the price of our products compare favorably to anyone else in the marketplace.

Excellent Customer Support

Most of our policies are emergency products, designed to help you in a crisis. All our insurance partners are selected for providing the highest level of service to our customers.

QDOS Breakdown - www.qdosbreakdown.co.uk

This breakdown product was our first to be launched online, and offers a high level of cover (covering more risks than the AA or RAC) for a fraction of the price. It is incredibly popular for people wanting temporary cover for a trip into Europe, but we also offer annual policies to cover people (in any car they drive) or vehicles (with any driver).

Breakdown Assist - www.breakdownassist.co.uk

Our second breakdown product offers alternative levels of cover to QDOS Breakdown, providing our customers with more choice to find a policy that best suits their needs. This policy includes caravan and trailer cover as standard and offers a wide range of policy options in the UK and Europe.

For a comparative overview of QDOS Breakdown and Breakdown Assist please click here.

QDOS Total Loss Protector- Coming Soon!

This innovative insurance is an alternative to, "finance gap", for motor cars. When a car is written off the motor insurance will only pay the market value of the vehicle at the time of the accident. Sometimes this is not enough to cover the outstanding finance, and finance gap will pay the difference. Finance GAP is normally only available in limited circumstances and if you have paid off the finance it’s worthless. Our policy pays an additional 25% on top of your insurance settlement plus up to £250 towards your excess, which you can use for whatever you want; settle the finance, put towards a more expensive car, or both.

QDOS Gadget Cover - Coming Soon!

QDOS Gadget Cover is a cost effective policy for people with expensive gadgets looking for a high level of cover. We offer discounts on subsequent gadgets, flexible payments terms and the security of being insured by a UK based insurer.

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